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Today is the day!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Today is the day. I have decided to start blogging. What will my blogs consist of you may ask. Well time will tell. Just kidding, Ill give you a hint...It will be about my books of coarse! Occasionally I will throw in random topics. What kind of topics? How does motherhood sound? What about homemaking, after all, I am a homemaker as you may have figured out in my about the author page. I think I will even throw a little fashion in there for you. I love clothing, accessories, simply getting ready to take on the day and caring for my persona. Looking your best makes you not only feel your best but makes you look like you can take on the world or day at least. I would also like to mention things about my life here and there if I DARE reveal because let me tell you I am a woman who loves being mysterious. Being reserved has always been a part of me. So don't expect too much or should you...... DUN, DUN, DUN!!! Oh, the suspense. Well I hope you have enjoyed this mini post. May you have a great Labor Day weekend!

Here I am hiking beautiful Lake Hodges. A treat to enjoy in  San Diego.
Quick hiking snap!

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