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Unique I Am Origin

Coming across the Kakapo sparked the idea of creating Unique I Am.

After researching a certain macaw I had interest in during that time, I came across the Kakapo. Its unique look caught my eye in an instant. I had never seen a parrot that looked like an owl. At first glance, I was confused. I thought to myself, "How could a parrot look like an owl, but wait, was it a parrot? An owl? If so, how could an owl be green?." I immediately started my research on this interesting bird. Not only did I want to learn about the Kakapo, I wanted to see what it walked like, the sounds it made, its habitat, etc. So I found myself on YouTube. I searched 'Kakapo'. I came across a good amount of videos. The more I watched the more interesting the kakapo became. After visiting a few websites I came across the kakapo recovery and found vast accurate information. This was like gold for me because not only did I uncover great information about the kakapo, I also found out about the New Zealand Lesser Short-Tailed bat, another special species I found interesting.

Moving on to creating the story.

As I thought about the kakapo I could not help thinking how interesting and different the kakapo is. It made me imagine how it felt if it where to ever compare itself to other birds. I mean, its a parrot that looks like an owl, has wings that only uses to balance and glide, is the heaviest of all parrots, nocturnal and has many other characteristics that are interesting. Those thoughts lead me to acknlowdge how 'Unique' it is. It took me back to the feelings of when I was a child and felt different. As a child I confused being different as being weird, not enough, not normal, ugly, you name it. The confusion was bad, all bad. Now that I am an adult and have an understanding to what being different really is I am intrigued to not only teach my own children but as well teach others that being different is not being weird, odd, not cool, not enough, ugly, not normal. It means to be UNIQUE. Better said, a Unique Individual. We are all created to be a one and only. We come to this world from a mix of past ancestors, hence diverse genes. We are raised by our parents (or as I like to say: teachers of life). Plus, we individually have experiences that build/mould us into who we are in the present moment. Taking into consideration all of those components no matter what we do, how we act, and choices we make we are all unique individuals. It is important to understand that and to pass it on to our children. I feel having that understanding allows us to embrace ourselves and accept who we are


With that in mind I decided to write a story that highlighted the Kakapos uniqueness and focus on self-love. It took me a few tries but within a week I had the short story telling the message I want to pass on to my readers and listeners, big and small.


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